Coroplast, PVC, Foamcore, Car Magnets, Banner Stands and Large Posters
We require a 0.5 inch bleed on all sides. If ordering at 24 inch by 18 inch, your file size should be 25 inches by 19 inches to allow for bleed.
Banners and Canvas
We request that no bleed or crop marks are placed. Make your file to the size ordered (or proportional). If ordering hems, leave a 2 inch safe zone on all sides. Expect to lose between 1/8 inch to 2 inches per side with banners.
Mounted Canvas
It is highly recommended to use our templates for mounted canvas. The bleed requirement is 2 inches per side.
It is highly recommended to use our templates for Flags. We require a 0.5 inch bleed on all sides. Leave a 2 inch safe zone on all sides and the pole pocket area.
PDF, JPG, TIF / PC or MAC PDF is highly recommended.
It is not always necessary to scale your artwork. Scaling artwork can help to keep the file size manageable. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you are scaling your artwork.

Vector Art
Ink Bodega is able to print outdoor banners at any size, however most software is not able to produce an art board larger than 228". Adobe Acrobat and other PDF readers / converters are only able to view a maximum file size of 200", resulting in a loss of artwork. For this reason, it is recommended to submit files at a smaller scale than the ordered size.

Raster Art
Raster files are calculated by pixels rather than inches. The pixels are converted to inches based on the resolution of a file. The equation for the conversion is (pixels divided by dpi = inches). Raster files have a limitation of 30,000 pixels. A file that is 30,000 pixels set at 150 dpi will be 16' (200"). If your artwork is more than 30,000 pixels, we recommend dropping your dpi or scaling down your artwork.

Outdoor Banners:
Full scale at approximately 100dpi Note: Banners larger than 15 feet will print below 100dpi  

Full scale at approximately 150dpi  

Full scale at approximately 250dpi  

Signs, Indoor Banners, Car Magnets, Floor Graphics and Large Posters:
Full scale at approximately 150-250dpi  

Adhesive Vinyl:
Full scale at 150 dpi. vector artwork is preferred and is required if being plotter cut
Rich black is an ink mixture of solid black, 100% K, with additional CMY ink values. This results in a darker tone than black ink alone. If you print black alone as 100% K, the resulting black may not be as dark as you might like. We recommend setting your files up with 30%C / 30%M / 30%Y / 100%K
You should always start and finish your designs in CMYK color mode. Never use PMS or Pantone Colors. If you send us an RGB file, there is a chance that a color shift may occur and you may not be satisfied with your job.
Different versions of Illustrator– have different presets in the "Save PDF" dialog. The PDF presets in Illustrator CS will not save the PDF to the correct document size if any artwork extends past the edge of the document size. It will include all objects, including those that are not visible, producing a PDF with excess white space. This will produce a PDF that is the incorrect size. If not caught prior to submission it will not print as intended.

For Illustrator CS2 and above it is recommended to use the "High Quality Print" preset.

Every file is different and it is not– feasible– to include all possible issues in this FAQ. It is always best to double check your PDF for size and excess white space before uploading.
With Clear Window Clings, you have the option to use white ink as an overprint so your printed graphic can be opaque in some areas and transparent in others. This will allow for vibrant, crisp color.

Similar to Spot UV masks, White Mask files are separate from your artwork files and black color indicates where the white ink will print.

Make sure to create your mask file the same size as your color art file. This will prevent alignment issues during printing.

Note: White Masks must be made in vector format and be saved as EPS or PDF and use 100% K.

Use vector paths/shapes to create black color areas that will indicate where the white ink base will go. The rest of the area will represent the Clear Window Cling stock.

Black in the White Mask file indicates where white ink will be printed. Remember the following when creating a white mask for your white ink base:

- White ink base will be printed behind any color that’s in your Artwork Layer.
- Areas with color but without a White Mask will be printed with color directly on the material. These areas will have somewhat transparent color due to the Clear substrate. - Areas with color and a White Mask will be printed as opaque or solid color.
- Areas with a White Mask and no color will be printed as white.
- The black for the White Mask file must be 0% C 0% M 0% Y 100% K or it will not be recognized by preflight.
For contour cut orders, you must submit a vector file with the cut line. The cut maskust be an all vector, PDF file uploaded at the same time as the artwork file.
 You can create a separate file or create a layer or spot color called "CutContour"

We cannot accept any cut mask files that are made using a raster based program (e.g. Photoshop).

When being cut, the blade will follow the cut mask line you’ve created. It is recommended that you keep your perimeter cut line slightly inside the border of the image you are trying to cut out. This will avoid any obvious edges showing from your background once it is cut.
Do not use small/thin cut areas, or have perimeter cut lines that are too close together. At least 0.5" must separate your perimeter cut lines from each other. Ink Bodega will not reprint any order with perimeter cut lines that are too close to one another.
Your contour cut line should be a smooth fully closed path. No disconnected lines or open paths will cut. If your cut line is ragged or has any imperfections, they will show up in the final piece